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Private Treaty Liquidation:
Mid-Western USA Location:

5-Axis Mazak Integrex Machining / Turning Center

Model e1060V8ii
rMazak Matrix CNC Control with Color CRT, Mazatrol Conversational
Programming, Full 5-Axis Simultaneous Control, 5-Axis Tool Length and
Cutter Comp, Multiple Part Program Storage, Ethernet, Hand Held
Pendent, Automatic Pallet Changer, Load/Unload Station, Two 39" Diameter
Pallets, Full Contouring 4th-Axis Pallet Rotation, Full Contouring
5th-Axis Spindle Tilt, Tool Setting Probe, Mazak e-Tower, Adaptive Feed
Control, Pallet Can Rotate at 500 RPM for Turning Applications, 80
Station Automatic Tool Changer, Chip Conveyor, Coolant System.



Great American Equipment Company Employees

Ongoing Liquidation:
Houston, TX

Mazak Okuma Mori Machining and Turning Centers

Surplus to the ongoing operation.

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Great American Equipment Company Employees

Online Auction:
Cincinnati, OH

Precision Bearing Race Grinder:

Cincinnati Cinex
 The Cincinnati CINEX is a Fully Enclosed CNC Grinder Designed to
Provide High Volume Capacity and Reliable CNC Precision Grinding of the
Outside Diameter of Simple or Complex Parts. The Acramatic 750G CNC
Control Gives you Full Contouring Control of the Wheel Head. This Allows
you to Grind Multiple Surfaces on the Same Part and Complex Shapes such
as; Ball Tracks, Lands, Snap Angles, Contoured OD Surfaces, Tapered
Roller Bearing Outers, Lips, Convex Self-Aligning Outers and Many More.


Great American Equipment Company Employees